Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Trustees Meeting Today

Who gets let go this meeting?

Last month was the Head Zebra's announcement.


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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

SRH Transparency

Kevin Holland
Lee Bond
Craig Summerlin

Laurin St Pe’
Administrator, SRH
Lena Crain
Director, HR

Susan Russell

Georgia Storey
Guest Relations

Randy Roth
Inpatient Physician Services

Amanda Stewart
Director, Med/Surg

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for those we serve.  Through this dedication, we improve the health of our community while making it a better place to live and work.

Contact Information

Contact Name: Georgia Storey, Director of Guest and Community Relations

Monday, September 18, 2017

Web of Mendacity

Well, now we have a new name in the game or rather in the web of the mendacity of SRHS… Lena Crain. Hmmm.. Now sit back folks while I give you a tidbit of another side story in this tangled web of deception, greed, unethical practices and more of SRHS.

Lena Crain moved up very quickly through the ranks at SRHS too just like our favorite GoGo Dancer. She started out clerking, then worked her way into HR. Lena Crain developed a program called People Development. It was a nice idea on paper, and she was able to sell it to the Eskimo Ice Salesman himself, Chris Anderson.

Within months of People Development taking off, Lena Crain decided the Lord had called her and her husband to become missionaries in Alaska. So, Nebo Carter, being the most excellent Chief Human Resources Officer and Pretty-boy Chris Anderson, the ever so smart and conniving CEO, allowed Lena to go to Alaska. What is so wrong with this you ask?

Lena was in Alaska working as a missionary, BUT at the same time, was still on the SRHS payroll as a FULL TIME, yes, FULL-TIME employee!!!! They allowed her to “work remotely” and gave her a made-up job title and she was responsible for making sure all of the year-end evaluations were done correctly and on time and that career plans and goals were met, etc. Lena was paid as she and her husband drove from Mississippi to Alaska pulling their U-Haul. She was even paid to go to a workshop in Washington State while in Alaska working as a full-time employee. Lena was even promoted, yes folks, she was promoted while working in Alaska!!!!

She came back to Mississippi and took up right where she left off, and now folks drumroll, please………… Lena Crain is the Director of Human Resources! Talk about the luck of the draw.

Now, there are many employees who are made to take a leave of absence to go back to school when they need to do internships or nursing practicums. But not Lena Crain.

Makes you wonder?! Was it her close relationship with the Chief Compliance Officer? Was it her very close relationship with Nebo Carter, CHRO? or did she know something on the Eskimo Ice Salesman, Chris? Perhaps it was a combination of the 3.

Regardless, there were several borderline ethical issues with SRHS allowing an employee to work that far from home and still be considered a full-time employee! Not a contract employee, but a regular full-time employee. If she was going there to do missionary work, then how did she have time to do a 40 hour a week job for SRHS at the same time? It was not that much work to do 40 hours a week when year-end evals are only done in the months of November and December.

Things that make you go mmmmmmm

All of this happened under the watchful eye of Chris Anderson, then CEO. Baptist I sure hope you are watching this sneaky salesman 24/7.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

SRH Termination & Due Diligence


SRH Manager Meeting before HR Meeting

 (7/14/2017 1052 AM)

SRH Manager: They want us to go to HR at 3. You for an incident that happened apparently with the family, a patient's spouse, I don't know all the details. I feel like it's pretty serious. I wanted to tell you before we go in there, so I want you to have the option of what you want to do cause if I was you, this is as a friend, I care about yall, I hope yall know that if it was me, what I would do, they want to meet at 3, at 2 o'clock, and please don't let this leave this room, I would type up a letter of resignation, whatever the hell you have to come up with, cause you don't want to go in there. I have a feeling; I have a bad feeling. And this is me being your friend, and I don't want you to have that on your work history. I don't want that to affect you in a negative way. I mean do you want to go in there. It's up to you. I just wanted to tell you ahead of time in case that is something you wanted to do for yourself you had that option. I've done that before for people. Because when it's out of my hands, there's not a damn thing I could do about it. And this is completely out of my hands. And they are not asking me anything.

Terminated Employee: What's it about?

SRH Manager: I don't know the specifics. I know they are going to go over it in there and they will review it, and they'll have details of the event. I did not know about it until yesterday, and that's why I texted you last night so I could give you heads up before you came in here today. It was, what I got, was very vague. It was to do with a patient's S.O., wife, I think, and it's been several weeks ago. So I don't know if they sent a letter in, I don't know all the details on it. I know that they are very upset about this incident, so I don't know. They are not asking me anything period. I just have a feeling. I just feel like that would be your better option. That's just me telling you as a friend not as you manager ok. If you want to go in there, me and you will go in there at 3 o'clock. Whatever you want to do. If you want to hand me a letter, hand me a letter, and I'll tell them just the same. Do you want to go in there?

Terminated Employee: yeah

SRH Manager: Ok. I figured you did. I just wanted to tell you ahead of time cause I'm not sure what's gonna happen. And I'm concerned. That's fine we can go in there. I figured you wanted to go in there. I would want someone to give me that option. This is not what I wanted to do, ok? I do not have details. I don't have anything to do with this at all. If it was me, this would be going down a lot differently, I promise you. I just want to tell you that. It bothered me all last night; I feel like, I would take more time to investigate it, and they should have let me know something about it. I would've liked to at least had known details so I'd know which way they was wanting to go to give you a better idea. I just have a bad feeling. I just want you to know that. And I wanted to give you the option.

Terminated Employee: There's no way I would resign.

SRH Manager: I know that, but with resigning you're, not that you would want to come back
here, but you are available for rehire after two years but if you're terminated you’re not. That's
why I wanted to give you that option. I know you are finishing school and you had plans, but I
tried to put it off, I tried to postpone it. I was gonna let you work through your weekend. I feel
like that would be better. I dang sure wouldn't bring someone in HR on a Friday. That's just not
right. I don't like that. It’s a Monday morning kinda thing. I'm not happy about it. They don't

SRH Manager: I don't know. I got vague. First thing I got a text about it. Asked me if I knew
about it. I don't know of any incident. I haven't had any negative comments until last week I
hadn't had any negative comments in 3 weeks. We've had really great letters sent in. Kevin sent
me a couple of them. I had no idea. And they did not give me any details. Something that was
said to a patient’s family member and it was after it was they had been gone for several hours,
and they felt you were rude and out of the way.

Terminated Employee: Probably because I left the room whenever CHARGE NURSE went in
there to explain something to the patient and the patient's wife works here in radiology, and it
was Dr. Roth patient, and she was concerned she had gout, and I tried to text Dr. Roth and I
wasn't able to get ahold of him and so I talked to Dr. Culpepper and got the guy colchicine, got
double dose on that and got him on q day colchicine.

Terminated Employee: I know that's what it is.

SRH Manager: Well, that's all I know so if you know. Just remember exactly what happened.

Terminated Employee: That's it. I had no out of line comments to her.

SRH Manager: Just know that is nothing and you know if this would've happened and I
would've gotten a complaint, I would have come to you and asked you what happened and
called the patient and asked what happened.

Terminated Employee: I don't have any complaints with any of my patients.
SRH Manager: You don't (Terminated Employee). I promise you I told them that. I told them
things have been going great. I had to go talk to Lena about something else not related to you
in any way, and Craig came in, and we talked about this just like I said vaguely, they didn't give
me the details, and he asked me how you were doing, and I said (Terminated Employee)'s doing
great. I said you know he's part of the team, I said, he's a great preceptor, things have been
smooth and easy, and we haven't had any problems. Because when I first came over here, they
were like (Terminated Employee)'s gonna give you a hard time, I was like, (Terminated
Employee)'s not gonna give me a hard time. I take that for face value. That's how people are.
But getting to know you, I mean, you're good at your job, I don't have any problems with you. I
like you, that doesn't matter as far as work wise as long as you do your job and your pleasant
but I like you as a person, I think you're a great employee, I haven't had any problems, you're
dependable, you're pleasant to be around, this is not me. I just want you to know that. I would
have handled this differently. I would have talked to the family member. I would have squashed
it. The problem is when things aren't brought to me I can't keep them on 1 East. This happens,
and it's out of my hands and probably because of last time they aren't giving me any options.
They are just. I'm showing up just like you are. I didn't fill the paperwork out. I guess cause I
went to bat for you last time which I don't care. I mean it was what it was, and that was the
right thing to do so.

Terminated Employee: Do I have time to call an attorney?

SRH Manager: If I was you I would go and see what happens first and then you can.

Terminated Employee: I didn't know if one could be here.

SRH Manager: I don't think they would let you do that during the process. But you, you're
gonna read through the paperwork. You'll have everything. You'll be able to take that and do
what you need to do with it. I believe there used to be an appeal process for termination. Do
what you have to do. I just wanted you to know.

Human Resource Meeting: Termination 

(7/14/2017 325 PM)

Lena Crain: (Terminated Employee), I won't take up much of your time this afternoon. I have
been asked to meet with you and let you know that we have received a complaint from a
patient's family member and I had gotten the information second or third hand, so I always
want to do my due diligence when I am being asked to do something to make sure that I hear
first hand, so I want you to know that I reached out to this person this morning and spoke to
them and she was you know very supportive of the organization but um had some complaints,
some very concerning complaints about um when her spouse was here in the hospital so I know
I am going to ask you to read this, so I was going to do that anyway, so why don't we just start
there. This is the cover um sheet that we have and these areas that we are going to talk about
today are in the areas of our standard of behavior, our attitude and communication, and our
sense of ownership and our core values that we have recently put into effect at the first of the
year, and so you know our patients are guests. Caring, communication is the key, and it's all
about service. those are the three areas that were really affected in this. So, here's the
information in a summary. I will tell you I was on the phone with her about an hour, but it all
boils down to this.

Terminated Employee: Okay

Lena Crain: Um I know it wasn't all that long ago that you and I met with SRH Manager here,
and so you realize I want to give you an opportunity, of course, to look over this entire form
and it's three pages. I want to give you an opportunity if you want to write a statement here, it's
not required of course and an opportunity to read this statement and to sign here, of
course, it's not a requirement, and then I want to, I have a couple of documents to give to you.

Terminated Employee: Alright. I'm not signing anything. I mean it's vague right there. So I don't
really know about the situation so.

Lena Crain: Okay, so you don't remember the situation at all.

Terminated Employee: I mean nothing in that is given me anything to give me an indication.

Lena Crain: Ok. Alright. You know. I don't know. Being nonclinical how much I should share with
you but this was a gentleman that came in and had to have had his wrist. He had hurt his wrist
previously. But I think something else may have brought him in. She does recall that they
were all the way at the end of the hallway and the wrist I think she mentioned that it might
have been aggravated by gout and she had made some, several requests for medications.

Terminated Employee: And nothing was done?

Lena Crain: Uh uh, no.

Terminated Employee: Really?

Lena Crain: Yeah.

Terminated Employee: the way that I remember this situation

Lena Crain: So you do remember the situation

Terminated Employee: I spoke to, well; I figured that was the case, but I mean I did speak. That
was a Dr. Roth patient. The lady works here. He was direct admitted to the hospital with I think
altered mental status.

Lena Crain: Ok

Terminated Employee: She was concerned that he had a gout flare-up and I tried to page Dr.
Roth and he didn't return a page, so I talked to Dr. Ryan Culpepper, and he wrote an order for
the colchicine that treats gout, and I believe I moved that patient closer to the desk that day

Lena Crain: You did. She mentioned that you did

Terminated Employee: So I mean, you know, as far as I wasn't checking on the patient or doing
anything or being a patient advocate. Speaking to a doctor, having the patient moved,
attempting to call the admitting doctor to no avail. What else could I have done?
Lena Crain: Well in as I think you'll know and I how I perceive a person's tone and body
language and all can play a big part in that

Terminated Employee: She wasn't there that much that day, she was there very little. So, I
mean I even had someone else that was charging that day speak to her with me present with
her. I don't understand how any of it. That happened on June 4th, on a Sunday. And I told her I
figured Dr. Roth might be at mass or something and I did tell her I talked to Dr. Culpepper who
happened to be on the floor and he obliged and gave an order for colchicine a loading dose and
a maintenance dose.

Lena Crain: And I don't necessarily from talking to her this morning thinking that I mean she
said pretty much what you did now she didn't mention Dr. Culpepper, but she did mention that
it was a hospitalist physician. I think she calls them IP physicians. And um uh but it was more of
the way the communication was even at one point she described you had asked her just how
do you know Dr. Roth well this is what she says.

Terminated Employee: She works in Radiology

Lena Crain: She doesn't work in radiology. She is the business manager for the radiology group.

Terminated Employee: She told me she worked in radiology here.

Lena Crain: And she's here a lot. And she was in the process of telling you that story, and she
says you turned and walked out.

Terminated Employee: No ma'am, that's not how that happened. That was a prior incident
earlier in the morning when I was just getting to know her. The time when I left the room was
when the other guy was talking to her, CHARGE NURSE was talking to her, and I was just
standing over in the corner. There was no communication going on between us. I was watching
him, listening to what he had to say.

Lena Crain: Well, (Terminated Employee), I'm just gonna be very honest with you. There have
been other individuals to talk to her. This has been approved to take place. We are not happy
about it. I am certainly not happy about it. I have got to support what I am being asked to do.
So, that's why we are here. What I am going to do.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Kevin Holland: Changing His Zebra Stripes

From: T Payne
Date: 8/31/17 9:00 AM (GMT-06:00) 
To: Sinuous River Board of Trustees
Subject: Piss Poor Leadership

I am increasingly concerned about Kevin Holland and his "senior leadership", but this is your call to make.  I will support whatever y’all decide to do, but please keep a close eye on things and don’t let it get out of hand.  Zebras don’t change their stripes too often I’m afraid…. [Read more ->]